Microwave ovens are found in hundreds of millions of homes worldwide. Making hot food quickly and easily accessible to you and your family, they are truly a miracle of modern technology. Extremely efficient in their use of electricity. microwave ovens use microwave radiation, which excites water, fat, and sugar molecules into atomic motion-also known as heat. When this process is hindered by broken or damaged parts, it’s time for a microwave repair service from experts you can trust.

Types of Microwave Ovens We Repair

Countertop: These come in a variety of sizes and wattages; however, they take up valuable counter space and offer no ventilation system. We commonly repair this popular type of microwave oven. Drawer style: These are installed below a countertop or wall oven, and they slide out. Their height makes them convenient for all family members. Drawer-style microwave oven problems are no match for our repair experts. Over-the-range: These appliance models combine a microwave oven and a range hood for space saving and functionality. Our technicians are familiar with this type of microwave and their common issues Built-in: These blend in seamlessly with cabinetry and feature a drop down door, like that of a conventional oven

They are typically installed over stoves, Let us know if you need a repair for your built-in microwave.